Back in 2004 Nannali, still attending the Danish Design school, set out to develop the most comfortable underwear for men. The bra had undergone decades of development, but in many ways mens underwear was still just an elastic waistband and two pieces of cloth sown together.

Really weird, when a man needs just as much, if not more, support and comfort down below as women need on top. 

Women talk, and we talk about bras, how they fit, where we bought them, plus everything else, - we share the small and big and everything in between. A man however, very often can't approach his buddy and say: "hey man, my underwear is really uncomfortable...yours look great! where did you buy them?" Some do, but most don't.

Sharing underwear issues are simply not on a mans smalltalk list.

Hence, I set out to talk about mens underwear. I asked them, - what works? what does not work and why? Since 2004 I dare say that I've spoken to hundreds of men, and this is how these underwear came about. And they are not finished yet, - I need your input to make them even better!

Please let me know all, - both the good the bad and the ugly - this enables me to improve the design, in line with the emerging of new fabrics, fibers and threads.




  • NUN underwear does not get loose and bulky underneath your pants during the day, - this help prevent uncomfortable chafing, also known as ’waiters butt-syndrome'.
  • NUN underwear will stay snug and in place, softly following the bodys movement, offering great support all day, while enhancing all the right shapes and curves.
  • NUN fabric is exstremely soft, breathable, antibacterial and it naturally wick away sweat,- leaving you dry and comfortable to get on with your day.
  • NUN underwear has eliminated all uncomfortable inner-stitching and laundry labels, because your underwear should be the last thing on your mind!




Because by mixing these fibers just right you get the best of two worlds!
Tencel® makes the underwear soft — Organic cotton offers support.
Best of all the productionprocess is environmentally friendly.

TENCEL® is more absorbent than cotton, softer than silk and cooler than linen. More importantly TENCEL® is made from eucalyptus wood fibers, and is the most sustainable fabric fiber on the market if you look at production from A to Z. The wood used to make TENCEL® comes from sustainably grown forest, planted on lands which cannot be used for the production of food products. Eucalyptus trees does not need much water, no fertilization or pesticides and grow fast. The water used in the ecological production­ process comes out as clean as it starts out, and the compound used to brake down the woodfibers to pulp is reused over and over again in a closed loop system.

This special process received the ”European Award for the Environment” from the European Union.